Join us for the world theatrical premiere of "Black Women in Medicine", the powerful documentary film directed by Crystal R. Emery, with the mission to inspire Americans to rethink their limitations.  The first feature film of its kind, “Black Women in Medicine” chronicles the unsung journeys of Black female doctors who have risen above inequality to excellence to become leaders in their fields. The film also replaces negative, stereotypical imagery — the false and debasing historical narrative regarding race, ethnicity, gender and character — with positive images of successful Black women.  Be one of the first people to personally experience the "Black Women in Medicine" national educational tour. 

Inspired by the courageous physicians whose contributions are chronicled in the “Black Women In Medicine” documentary, we will launch a two week Theatrical Release of our film to qualify for an Academy Award nomination. Be a part of sharing the stories of African American women in medicine with audiences in New York City and Los Angeles as we demonstrate the power of positive role models in nurturing the next generation of doctors, scientists, and healthcare professionals. 


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