URU, The Right To Be, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, spearheaded by filmmaker and director, Crystal R. Emery. URU’s mission is to foster communication and understanding among diverse racial, social, and economic groups about the issues that affect these groups and their communities.

Changing the Face of Medicine Initiative (CFMI) is a groundbreaking multimedia project that includes an educational tour, a biographical photo-essay book and a documentary film. This initiative celebrates the history and current status of Black women in medicine, while designing diversity and inclusion solutions to change outcomes for the future.

Key features of the CFMI campaign include the new feature documentary, “Black Women in Medicine” that recently completed a theatrical release and its national broadcast debut presented by American Public Television and “Against All Odds: Celebrating Black Women in Medicine” which is a 264-page book of biographical photo-essays picks up where the documentary leaves off, honoring the lives of powerful Black women doctors beyond those featured in the film.


Pilot: In 2015, we launched a pilot of the initiative by reaching 800 attendees (doctors, educators and thought leaders) with an exclusive pre-tour that consisted of a sneak preview of the documentary, Q&A and signing of the book (Against All Odds) with featured physicians in 6 cities over 6 weeks.

Phase 2: Our 2016 Education Tour is the perfect fit for the overall workforce development impact– together we can have a greater impact on increasing diversity in the healthcare profession. Changing the Face of Medicine is designed to have a sizable impact in minority communities and seeks to build a legacy for increasing access to healthcare in the United States. Sponsorship of our initiative and our planned activities in 2016 seem to be the right starting point in building and strengthening our community.

Phase 3: In 2017-2018, the initiative will focus on the educational tour. The tour will be expanded to 20 cities in 2017 and 30 cities in 2018. The initiative will begin to expand the project to address the lack of diversity and inclusion of Latino physicians in medicine.. Lastly, we plan to increase the number of mentees within our community STEAM partner programs.